8 Creative Hacks to Use Jersey Fabric

Jersey is one of the most recognizable fabrics used in the making of different clothing items such as t-shirts and sweaters. It has been one of the famous choices due to the immense benefits that this fabric provides. The jersey is highly flexible, making it a simple option for various clothing items. They are breathable clothing materials that can be classified into different categories depending on their usage.

Apart from being extremely useful in many cases, the reality about different jersey types is that the fabric is highly underrated as numerous ways can be used to make the most out of the simple jersey fabric. They are full of possibilities and provide an absolute edge in some cases where other fabrics tend to lack behind. There's a massive surge in the usage of jersey fabrics apart from the making of different clothing products making their demand reach new heights. The wholesale jersey fabric in China is available at affordable prices, so you can get it and utilize it the way you want.

Below are the eight ways that can help you to make the most of the jersey fabric

Make-Up Pouches 

Who doesn't love cute little makeup ouches that you can use to keep your daily makeup essentials in place? Jersey fabric can come to your rescue if you are willing to invest some time in making your customized makeup pouch. The makeup containers made up of jerseys can be highly durable, and you can rely on them whenever you want to carry the stuff on the go.

Customized Pillows

Pillows are an essential part of your bedroom, and being creative with them can be highly therapeutic. You can use the jersey fabric to unleash your inner artist and mold it the way you want. You can rely on your imagination to make different shapes with the jersey fabric and give your bedroom a personalized touch.


Fabric-made keychains can be your way to go if you are tired of the generic plastic-made mediocre options. You can design the keychains by yourself and put your keys in them. Carrying them around can become a personality trait, and your creativity might catch some eyes. You can try making a design closer to your heart and has the keys in your pocket.


We all have seen pendants made up of silver and other kinds of metals, but fabric-built necklaces can become a style statement for you. You can have various charms made using jersey fabric and pair them up with your outfit of the day. Fabric pendants have become the new cool, and it's a matter of fact that they can make your outfit stand apart no matter what you are wearing.

Diaper Carrier 

If you have babies at home, you would inevitably need to carry different sizes of diapers with you all the time. You can utilize the jersey fabric to get other diaper-carrying bags stitched, and you would be good to go. They would keep the diapers safe, and you can take them with you wherever you plan on visiting.

Baby Blanket

If you are a parent, then there's a high chance that you might have had this thought to choose a baby blanket for your child, but you are held back because either the fabric is too soft or too hefty for the baby. If you are reading this, you are in luck because you can take off all of your worries and consider jersey fabric for a DIY baby blanket. The jersey fabric is soft and can be as light as you want, depending on how many layers of p[protection do you need for your child. You can also rely on the jersey blankets available in the market and come in different designs and color options.

Mouse Pad

Thanks to the flexibility that the jersey fabric provides, you trust your need for a mouse pad. It can give you a perfect surface to maneuver the mouse quickly and do your work without any issues. You can get them made by custom manufacturers, or you can try making them at home if you need to save up some cash. You can experiment with different design patterns if you are looking for something funky for your home PC.

Amenities Kit Bag

If you wish to bring some essentials with them whenever they travel around, you can trust the jersey fabric to make an amenities kit bag according to your requirements. You can implement different designs on the bag to make it your own. The bags made up of jersey fabric can offer you the reliability and durability that you might need when traveling around the world.