The Best Fabrics For Winter or Cold Weather

The soft and warm feel of the cashmere scarf paired up with the woolen sweater and a pair of denim jeans is simply one of the coziest winter clothing trends that you can follow. The cool breeze of this season never fails to surprise us and leave us wanting to wrap ourselves in more layers, right? Whether you are enjoying the winter season or planning on going on a vacation at a relatively cooler place, you need to prepare yourself for the days ahead. 

For you to find the perfect fabric to get this winter season, we have listed the best fabrics and clothing items to beat the cold weather. 

6 best fabrics for winter days

For when winter is coming, get these fabrics stocked in your closet to enjoy every second of the day.


Starting with the warmest fabric on the list, we have wool as the number one option. It is soft, warm, and water-proof which makes it one of the best fabrics to wear on snowy days. You can get hold of woolen sweaters, shawls, scarves, and gloves to keep yourself warm during the winter days. Although it is hard to find pure wool, it comes in combination with other fabrics. While making a purchase, make sure you get the product with the highest percentage of wool in it, as the warmth of the fabric depends on it. 


Get your favorite fleece fabric in bulk quantity for your wardrobe as this fabric will keep you warm on the coldest days. It is made up of synthetic polyester and imitates wool in terms of giving warmth. You can work on the fabric easily as it does not fray on cutting. Fleece sweatshirts are rather common clothing used for kids, men, and women. This layer of clothing above the simple cotton vests keeps the body warm and comfortable.


On number three, we have the cotton fabric. This fabric is used widely across the globe and offers a good look. You can start wearing cotton clothes as soon as the autumn hits in. This fabric wholeheartedly welcomes the winter season and helps in keeping you safe from the cold breezes. Cotton shirts, dress shirts, tees, frocks, eastern clothing like kurta shalwar, and trousers are commonly available in the market. Always keep a stock of cotton clothes in your closet, as you can layer it up with shrugs, cardigans, and sweaters later on in the peak winter season.


The velvet fabric is a mixture of linen, silk, wool, mohair, and even cotton fabric. It is used to craft trendy dresses for evening and party wear. The soft and shiny look of the dark velvet fabric boosts up the entire outlook of the one wearing it. From velvet party and evening dresses to velvet shawls, this fabric is worn for pure elegance and an elite look.


Another great fabric that retains heat in the cold winters is leather fabric. Leather jackets are the most common winter clothing in fashion worldwide. From pure leather to synthetic leather, a lot of different options are there with different price ranges. Many people review it as the fabric that can be used throughout the year especially when it comes to leather boots and jackets. Leather plays a part in providing insulation in cold weather but is not the favorite choice for very cold days of the season.

Flannel and corduroy

Last but not least on our list is the flannel and corduroy fabrics. The latter one goes well in the fall season and is similar to a tightly woven cotton fabric. From dresses to trousers, pants, and jackets, all kinds of clothing items are presently crafted from this fabric as well. Flannel is also a knitted fabric that gives warmth and coziness in the winter season. Kids’ frocks, sweatshirts, tees, and uppers are made using this fabric. It can either be 100 % cotton or a blend of cotton and loose wool, or wool and any other synthetic blend.

There are a dozen of different fabrics that offer good insulation and trap heat to keep your body warm. The above-mentioned six fabrics are our top picks for the season. Try these, layer them up, and see the promising results for yourself.