Use of Jersey Fabric in Various Industries

What is Jersey Fabric?

Jersey fabric is a knitted fabric formed from a beautiful gauge yarn. Jersey is generally made from cotton but can also be fabricated from synthetic fibers, such as wool and silk. The material is soft, drapes well, is flexible (it has the ability to stretch up to 25% along the ounce), and has excellent crease resistance property. Sometimes Lycra is added to provide additional elasticity.

Jersey fabric is available in a huge variety of plain colors, but different designs can also be added, some plaited in (jacquard), and some in print form on to the fabric.

Jersey fabric is termed after the isle of Jersey in the Channel Islands, where a woolen knitted jersey cloth was formed and became famous. The first version of the jersey was used for fishermen's clothing and was a substantial weight material than we use now. Till the initial 1900s, jersey fabric was commonly used for the production of men's underwear. In 1913 Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel promoted the fabric when she presented ladies' casual clothes apt for leisure and sport.

Uses of Jersey Fabric

Jersey fabric is a popular textile and has uses in various industries because of the unlimited benefits this fabric offers. Jersey outfits tend to fit closer to the figure than the others made from woven material, as their elasticity permits them to mold to body curves more closely. Some of the industries that use the jersey fabrics the most are the following:

Sportswear Industries

The jersey fabric is an ideal material for athletes. The sportswear garments made from the jersey fabric are highly stretchable and absorbent in nature. Most of the athleisure uniforms are made from the jersey fabrics in the sportswear industries because of its moisture-resistance and other benefits it offers.

Garment Industries

The major use of the jersey fabric is in clothing industries. Jersey fabric is used to make t-shirts, sweatpants, dresses, skirts, etc. This is because the jersey is very soft and comfortable to wear material.

Kids Clothes making Industry

Because of the soft and breathable nature of the jersey fabric, it is a favorite cloth for babies and kids of all ages. Kids clothes supplier provides stretchable clothes for babies that help them in free and comfortable movement.