Why is fleece preferred over the natural fabric?

The answer to this lies in the process using which polar fleece fabric produce it. For polar fleece, the polyester fibers are manufactured first. It involves a chemical reaction between petroleum and its derivatives. Heat is applied to a point where petroleum melts significantly. Then it is cooled till the syrup hardens up such that threads can be formed using that hardened syrup. This is one of the reasons why polar fleece is comparatively warm than that of other synthetic fabrics. Polar fleece is extremely breathable in addition to being exceptionally warm, and the airflow prevents bad environmental odor. Polar fleece became popular as wearable in the late 1990s. It gained popularity becuase it’s the ability to keep the wearer warm without adding too much weight. It became extremely preferred wearable among the sportsmen and, thus, started getting recognized as one of the most favored sportswear that could resist extreme weather conditions.

Characteristics of polar fleece

There are some of the features of polar fleece which distinguishes it from all other fabric types. It is preferred because of its breathable structure and durable nature. It is known best for its low weighed quality as compared to wool and other synthetic fabrics. In the following debate, we would delineate some of the characteristics of polar fleece fabric that helps it stand out in the garden of fabrics

  1. Polar fleece is easy to wash and durable
  2. It does not come with a high load of instructions which makes it easy to be taken care of
  3. It does not get damaged by washing, ironing, or dry cleaning which adds more to its longevity
  4. It is light in weight and warmer as compared to wool
  5. It is very breathable, which implies that the sweaty odor cannot be encapsulated in the knots of fabric.