Jersey Fabric

Top Most Wholesale Jersey Fabric Manufacturer in China

Shaoxing Haoyouduo Textile Co., Ltd is one of the leading brand among the jersey fabric manufacturer and supplier industry all over the world. China Jersey fabric is also known as jersey knit fabric that is widely used for clothing designing and manufacturing processes. Jersey fabric is initially made up of wool, cotton, and synthetic fiber. Being a well-known wholesale jersey fabric supplier we are providing you the best China Jersey fabric to our customers since 2002; we have a large collection of jersey fabric such as single jersey, double jersey, cotton jersey, TC jersey, and so on. Our core value is to provide the best quality fabrics according to customer requirements.

What Make Us Famous in Wholesale Jersey fabric Supplier Market?

We proudly serve as a reliable and demanding source of wholesale knit jersey fabric supplier with a variety of other knit fabrics textures at the most competitive prices in the industry. If you are looking for retail or wholesale jersey fabric options, we have everything available according to your needs and requirements. Haoyouduo Textile provides you 100% pure and soft wholesale jersey knit fabric at affordable prices according to the latest fashion athletic and performance trends. That is why our company is considered as the leading jersey fabric manufacturer and supplier all around the world. Our team is our asset, and that is why we have skilled and industrial specialists who are working in various departments of the company, such as manufacturing, exports, marketing, etc. This fabric can be both machines washed and dried, but as always we highly recommend washing and drying the fabric in low settings, or handwashing and air drying fabrics in order to retain the wonderful quality of the fabric.

High-Quality Wholesale jersey Knit Fabric

We give assurance to never compromise on the quality, and the services that we are providing as customers' satisfaction and gaining their trust has always been our mission. After establishing a prominent position in the jersey fabric supplier market, our motive has consistently been to meet the expectations of our consumers. We are also maintaining the quality standards and protecting our company image by being authentic and showing transparency in our operations. Every single product develops according to the customer's requirements while also keeping up with the trend. Grab the most beautiful soft high-quality China jersey fabric. Perfect for making children’s clothing, dresses, t-shirts, rompers, leggings, etc.

Why Choose Us?

When you speak about premium fabrics, the first name that comes to our mind is Shaoxingfabrics. We are the top wholesale jersey fabric manufacturer with experience of over ten years in the international fabric industry. Being the most trusted jersey fabric supplier company in the China region, we are valued by the customers. We worked hard to achieve product quality and customer loyalty. This gives us a competitive edge to build our company's reputation. If you have any questions related to the Jersey knit fabric just leave us a message, we are here to provide information related to our products.